House and Optional Rules

General Rules

  • Repairing (e.g. for Fuses Flesh & Steel) uses the same rules as Healing and can be attempted twice per day, the second time requiring Effort expenditure. Each attempt takes 10 minutes.
  • Abilities can be modified on the fly to achieve other effects, however there is always an increase in cost by 1. Page 114/115
  • If two skills want to be used on a single roll, or mixing of rolls (e.g. jumping + attack) then success on the first will usually give an asset on the second, but failing has consequences!


  • For melee, only Light weapons can choose between Speed or Might for attack purposes
  • Damage points can be traded for various effects which are normally only possible on a 19 or 20. Page 113.
  • If you’re engaged in melee combat with a ranged weapon, then hmm. Page 115.


  • XP is split (Page 119) into:
    • Session – for rerolls, short, medium and long term benefits
      • Represented by green gems
      • Maximum of 5
    • Campaign – for long term expenditure
      • Represented by blue gems (light and small = 1, large and dark = 4)

Looking into some of the more advanced rules (e.g. different weapon types) which we can add later on if we like :)

House and Optional Rules

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