Population: 95000

The second largest city in Navarene and the kingdom’s capitol, Charmonde is a place of great beauty and art – and great inequality. From it’s marble statues and columns to the soaring, arched bridges which cross the Jerribost river, connecting the city’s north and south sides, there is little in Charmonde which has not been built or crafted with exquisite care and detail, most often by the hands of slaves.

The city is home to Queen Armalu of the Navarene, who lives in the Empiternal House, a palace built on the city’s highest hill that has earned the nickname the House of a Thousand Slaves, due to the rumoured number of slaves the Queen keeps there.

Not far from the palace is the Asaranti University, renowned as one of the greatest scholarly institutions in the Steadfast.

Lacking city walls, Charmonde is defended by four fortresses, capable of creating a sonic barrier between them that will cause severe pain and convulsions for anyone who tries to pass through it – if it doesn’t kill them first. It’s said that these barriers have grown weaker in recent times and that the Aeon Priests don’t know how to make them strong again, though how anyone knows any of this is a mystery, since no one can recall the barriers ever being activated in the past.

Credit to Numenera Up North


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