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  • Vesh

    Born in the village of [[Corebere | Corebere]], near to the Ausren woods. Vesh had a troubled childhood, only finding solace with the animals of the woods and her friend [[:miren-1 | Miren]]. Blamed for many misfortunes of the village, Vesh was …

  • Lorax

    A mysterious woman from the [[The Steadfast | Steadfast]]. Part Rogue, part tradesman's daughter, part noble, part vagabond. Who knows the truth? She is somehow connected to [[:nor-retton | Nor Retton]].

  • Nor Retton

    Leader of the large thieves clan The Ice Hand - who operate out of Harmuth and Uxphon - Nor is a man of extremes. At one moment laughing and loving, the next cold, dangerous and murderous. He is unforgiving and merciless, but also shrewd and calculating. …