Tag: Black Riage


  • Druissi

    A small town in The Black Riage built upon the buried hulk of an ancient, unknown structure. Heat rises constantly from the synth and steel hulk year-round, warming homes, cooking food, and saving lives during the winter. A small religious group - the …

  • Legrash

    A mud-soaked, flea infested town (pop. 500) of dirty hovels which, due to its location in Tremble Pass, is a common stopover for pilgrims on the Wandering Walk.

  • Geirn Bas

    OIder brother of [[:diarlian-bas | Diarlian Bas]]. Geirn is a good honorable man with strong ties to the local community. Due to his foresight and steady investments, Geirn is one of the wealthier residents of [[Druissi | Druissi]].