Through the Narthex

Game 8 by Arda

We eventually made it out of the oppressive, cursed wood. We came out in a beautiful valley. Content that enough of the features matched our map, we set up a position to ambush the Cartographers.

In time, it appeared again. A metallic structure that looked an egg on some kind of holder. Electing to take discretion, we waited to see who would emerge. To our surprise, a single girl ran out and made for cover. She ran to get cover with us. She was a run away from the machine and the people who lived within. Her name was Evanna. Her brother and her had been abducted from their village far to the South but a cult who lived within a realm that can only be accessed through the machine (which it turns out is called the Narthex).

There are approximately a dozen cultists, Abrasal is in charge, Gregor is his second in command, we found out nothing about the other cultists other than the fact that all bar those 2 were generally nice and laid back, especially in comparison to the leaders of the cult.

After some debate, because when can any decision be made without an inordinate amount of debate, we took the Narthex control key and headed in with a view to save her brother Shome. Ragnarok being the charismatic lady’s man of legend elected to stay back and defend the delicate flower Evanna (and totally not because Matt was away this week…). The key is less than a foot long and has 6 buttons, what these correspond to is something we have yet to deduce. Only 2 of the buttons worked granting access to an underground cave and the real world. Conscious that the Narthex would likely only be in this part of the world for a day or 2, we explored as quickly as possible.

The Narthex led to an underground complex. The only light was torches that the natives had put up in one area. We used cyphers to grant me the ability to see for a bit of extra security. We looked at some of the unlit side chambers but, as is often the case, they contained strange machines that do nothing immediately useful to us.

At the end of the lit tunnel we found ourselves overlooking a makeshift village. Within the village were the cultists.

  • Burst in.
  • KIlled Zealot and stole her Knimitar
  • Found out that the cult protect the Vortex
  • Looted some stuff
  • Went to meet Abrasal
  • he’s a pig, but also a glaive who controls magnatism.
  • He asked us to join him, then told us to leave when we wouldn’t
  • He refused to tell us anything more about the cult.
  • There are 2 guardians, him and a steel angel.
  • Before leaving Lorax got a message in her brain calling “Help me”

If I don’t flesh out this description of our story so far, assume that I’ve been killed. Make sure that I get full credit for this discovery on any subsequent papers!



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