The Story So Far

All final year students at the University of our Queen’s Enlightenment are required to provide new scientific research to further the knowledge of the University.

Rast, often unorthodox, looked further afield than most. He had discovered mention of a mysterious forest – Ausren Woods – in the Beyond.

From his search through the archives, and written correspondence elsewhere, it appeared these Woods had not been investigated for several centuries. In fact, the research in the archives amounted to little more than warnings of danger with a verbose way of saying ‘Do not eat the fruit’. Digging further, Rast developed some new, if disturbing, theories.

It took time to convince his Supervisor of the merit of such a journey. However he finally gained permission when he inadvertently discovered that a small village, Corebere – created around the old University expedition many years ago – remained on the periphery of the woods. This could then hopefully provide a safe base from which to operate.

The journey took over a month, with Rast using the last of his funding for safe travel to Corebere. It seemed that merchants had nigh on stopped going there over a decade ago.

The town of Corebere was parochial, and not welcoming. Rast’s difficulty with social situations did not help. However he eventually came to an understanding with a strange lady called Vesh and her curious flying pet. Vesh escorted Rast into the woods for his research over the next three months.

During those three months, the villagefolk gradually grew more suspicious and angry at the intrusion. Rast and Vesh were practically chased out. They journeyed north to the Wandering Walk – an interesting side project for Rast.

There they joined with a group of pilgrims, being protected by a hulking cloaked man who called himself Ragnarok. He talked little of his background but, on more than one occassion, proved himself a powerful and trustworthy companion. All the pilgrims sensed that Ragnarok’s background had some elements of tragedy with hints that perhaps Ragnarok himself did not yet fully understand it.

Most recently, just several days ago, another traveller, Lorax, joined the walk. She described herself alternately as a rogue, a minor noble, a tradesman’s daughter, sometimes pirate and certainly irreverent talker. Likewise, she, gave differing stories of her background. Her accent, beyond that of the Steadfast, was hard to place.

And so we begin with this group in flight – leading pursuing bandits away from the other pilgrims…



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