The Mind in the Distance

Game 3, by Lorax

Everything hurts.

My brain still throbs from the migraine that crept into my head when Seria first touched me. It lingers still and clouds my thoughts. After last night’s encounter with the hounds, I awoke with a growling stomach and bloodshot eyes after being temporarily blinded by Ragnarok‘s flash bomb in the scuffle. Honestly. His recklessness knows no bounds…..but, mercifully, neither does his good will.
The girl appeared to respond well to the foraged items that Darvin had us procure for her. Conscious and alert she spoke of ’The Mind in the Distance’ that was plaguing her sanity and that of the beasts of this land.

As I continue to journey onwards with this motley crew I wonder if my own sanity remains untouched! Why I keep travelling with this group and not heading for the coast I do not know. I am not used to travelling with others. History has taught me that fair-weather friends aren’t worth their weight in shins. But something keeps me by their side. I feel weirdly at home in their company and have even started to harbour a strange and possibly misplaced sense of loyalty to the group. Perhaps, just like the creatures around us, The Mind in the Distance has indeed taken my sanity.

It was a day’s travel to Embered Peaks…the town in the palm of the seven fingered hand that the townsfolk of the girl’s village referred to….famous for its Forum of the Dead and now the place where the relentless voice of this Distant Mind emanates from. Depsite Ragnarok’s ‘special’ persuasive skills we fail to beg, borrow or steal a mount and are forced to trudge along the mountain path on weary feet. Oh how I miss the swiftness of sails upon the sea! Driving hunger soon sees us hunt a pack of catpigs that we happen across in a clearing. They were mustard quick…but not quick enough…we killed enough of them to replenish our ration packs and stomachs…however not without attracting that attention of The Herder….a huge plains dwelling beast that came lolloping and bellowing at us from over the hill with a crazed look in its eyes….hard wired to zero in on poachers (picture)



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