Talking heads - take 2

Game 7, by Vesh

It seems that saving the local children from a giant lizard, is actually a very good way to go about arriving in a new town. Trummle, Jutte’s blacksmith and protector welcomed us warmly, and all the villagers came out onto the streets to cheer and thank us. We were offered free meals and lodgings at the local tavern, the Trout & Terrier, which we gratefully accepted.

Between the dancing and celebrations that followed we learned a few things about the town. Apparently our cartographer friends with the strange flying spaceship had been spotted just a day or so before we saw them, though nobody seemed to know who they were or what they were doing there.

We were also informed of a monster of some kind in the lake nearby which, just days before, had killed two brothers who were fishing there. We had a little time to spare so agreed to help out; Trummle offered us 10 shins and a new warhammer for Ragnarok if we killed the beast.

We also met a strange lady, who despite her advanced age appears to be in good form and, oddly enough, carries a scythe. Nelgedara is her name, and she seems to have taken a liking to Ragnarok. She informs us we should have asked for a bigger reward!

The next day we make our way to the lake, and Nelgedara decides to join us (though I can’t say she was much help). The lake is shallow but is surrounded by tall reeds, which also grow throughout the body of water making it a very convenient hiding place. Lorax and I take a small boat out into the middle of the lake to have a look. Ragnarok helpfully throws stones in order to wake up the monster.

Suddenly we hear voices, laughter and chattering; several heads appear, all on spikes, and we all know what we’re up against: a MESOMEME! It knocks over the boat, Lorax hovers upwards out of its reach and I leap backwards ready to fire my crossbow. Ragnarok charges in and engages it, and Arda saves the day with a heroic mind blast!

The townsfolk are ecstatic as Nelgedara announces our return, dragging the beast behind us. Tremmle agrees that such a significant victory deserves more than 10 shins between us, and gives us 10 shins each instead! Lorax and Ragnarok head off to the market and acquire a flute and a drum between them (the drum was a gift from Nelgedara to Ragnarok – seems fishy to me…)

Another evening of celebration and dancing, followed by an early morning as we’re getting eager to make some progress on our journey. As we venture into the forest, we all start to feel a little strange; the only way I can describe it, is something like static but in our minds. We press on but soon notice that we’re being pelted with something from the trees. At first we can’t see who or what is doing the shooting, but eventually catch sight of a cloaked figure, sliding soundlessly through the forest. We spot more movement; there must be a few of them.

Further along we stumble upon three ramshackle huts in a clearing; one is lit but the others are dark. The cloaked figures are strange creatures, humanoid in form but with yellow crooked beaks!



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