A Long Way Home

Game 1, by Arda

The road home had seemed peaceful so far, with Ragnorok Strange leading a guarding action and taking care of the pilgrims all seemed to be going well. Things began to get a bit too exciting when we spotted bandits further up the road. They followed us relentlessly as we led them away from the pilgrims until we came to a field of tall grass filled with free standing obelisks.

We were set upon by the bandits in the field and learned 2 compelling things; firstly that the Obelisks were numenera and sent shockwaves out at random intervals and secondly that the bandits were infact not men at all (as decribed in my notes below).
The creatures fought hard and sought to crush and eat us but they were slain. Knowing that the pilgrims would now be safe we made our way to the Mouth Cairns to rejoin them.

The Mouth Cairns have long been used by the Wanderers as a place of shelter. Though many ghost stories were told of mystical or terrifying things, we had an uneventful night.

In the morning, we were visited by a young man and his sister riding a giant catapillar known as a scutimorph. The girl, Seria, appeared to have some ability to command the creature by touching it. Her brother was injured having just brought her from their village where they had been attacked by flying pollones. The brother asked that we take his sister to a spa that was on our route back to the Steadfast while he return to the front. She insisted that she could travel with the scutimorph and the pilgrims and we should go to the village with him and defend it. After much debate, Ragnorok and Lorax suggested that the best plan would be if the injured brother took Seria to the spa and that we would travel to the village.

The village was within the False Woods. My notes below attempt to capture its appearance but be aware that it was far more perplexing and magestic than this:

We spent some time in the village talking to Seria’s relatives. The place was attacked, as it had been the preceding day at the exact same time, by enraged pollones. Their floating transparnet bodies made them hard to see; but the razor like teeth on their edge make them lethal when they perform their spinning attack. Ragnarok and Vesh made their way to the top of one of the floating trees and above the canopy, and left escape routes for the villagers to their. The plan worked and many were saved who might not have been; due in no small part of Ragnarok’s braver…

Through various techniques we have learned that the pollones have been enraged by a distant mind and that some negative emotional energy hangs over the False Woods. Lorax has become sensitive to this for reasons I do not fully comprehend as of yet. We must now strive to get to the bottom of this mystery so that we can get back on the journey home to the Steadfast.



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